Massage parlor 'Afrodita' is one of the few places where it is possible to stay alone with you and simply relax. Calmness, silent and attentive personnel, meditation music, scent of incenses, quiet colors, candles, Eastern deliberation… The real isle of rest in a flow of city's hustle and bustle. Here the care for human's integrity is taken and the secret of amazing effect of many massages is about it. 'As it is not possible to model the body and forget the soul'. Also in combination with massage we offer individual approach to everyone.         

Massage is one of a few techniques in medicine that having originated many centuries ago is used nowadays as a hygienic, healing, preventive, health-improving means, as well as for maintaining and recovering of total capability. Many people had their own techniques and secrets of massage. Migration of races in different ages facilitated dissemination of massage to all increasingly more places of the globe and origination of new massage techniques and methods. Recently massage is becoming increasingly popular, it became the subject of close attention and scientific studies. Application of massage is interesting for surgeons, traumatologists, gynaecologists, neurologists, cardiologists, general practitioners, specialists in sports medicine and others. Recent studies that reveal mechanisms of action of massage on the human body enhance the possibilities of its application for the purpose of normalization of body autoregulation, strengthening of natural protective mechanisms of the human body and possibility of significant reduction of pharmacotherapy.

Massage is a system of mechanical and reflector techniques in the form of rubbing, pressing, vibrations that are done directly on the surface of human skin both manually and with specially designed instruments through air, water or other media.

Massage may be given to the whole body in a certain succession or it may be local when any part of the body is selectively massaged using certain massage manipulations. Depending on the purpose massage can be of the following types: massotherapy, hygienic, sportive, anticellulite and erotic massage.

Massage techniques
Time for massage. The best time for the whole body massage is time after light snack. The whole body massage after substantial meal will evoke a feeling of sluggishness. Partial massage may be used during the day excluding abdomen massage which should be done one hour before meal or not less than three hours after substantial meal.
Length of massage session depends on age, systemic condition, type of disease, size of skin surface massaged etc.

Frequency of massage sessions. The whole body massage may be done daily only in exceptional cases. For partial massage it can be done daily.